U istaag Dadka iyo Dalka calls for Somalia’s new government to start working on Universal suffrage on the next election


Muqdisho (Onkod Radio) — U istaag Dadka iyo Dalka is social movement through community building platform dedicated for nation building – the platform called the Somali new cabinet ministers as well as whole new government to learn from Somali former governments mistakes and make changes toward to public safety and accessibility in order to reach “one person, one vote” on the next Somali election.

Abdirahman Yusuf Ali, Social and peace activist who is founder of Uistaag Dadka iyo Dalka platform said we urge Somali government to start the process of Somalia to have universal suffrage on the next Somali election , we can utilize the small resources we have to reach electrical reforms in Somalia if our leaders main aim is common good and not having vested personal and political interests.

Electoral reforms in Somalia as one person and one vote open ways for Somali citizens to elect their desires and will to have their country progress to sustainable peace and development, filters leaders with vested self-interest and supports right leaders who can lead Somalia to a better place and better economics.

Somali society are tired of being at the receiving end of inequality and lack of inclusivity in public participation, Ali said: we Somali society are no more accepting of always being in hands of groups who have vested self-interest which is the bottom-line cause of Somalis’ endless difficulty. It is time to hold leaders accountable to reaching universal suffrage and have equality and inclusivity

The remarks by Ali comes after Somali parliaments approved Somali government new ministers with Somali society experienced past failures to have universal sufferage coupled with conflict- orriented elections and lack of public participation.

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